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What is Geography

The word Geography comes from the ancient Greeks words geo, "earth", and grapho, "to write". So its meaning would be "to write about the Earth".

Geography is the science that studies the lands, the features, the inhabitants and the phenomena of the Earth. Its main objective is to understand the natural phenomena that take place on Earth, the behaviour and organization of human groups and the interaction betwen humans and their environment (relationship between Human Beings and Nature).

A geographer is the person whose area of study is geography. 

Clima tormentoso
Las nubes de color rosa
lección de la geografía
Flamenco primer plano
Talk equipo
Ruta salvaje
Familia feliz
La bulliciosa Nueva York
En la parte superior
hilo de colores
Yoga acantilado
Zapatillas de deporte y los calentadores
Trabajador industrial
Hombre con heno

Branches of Geography

Geography is divided into two main branches: Physical Geography and Human or Cultural Geography.

Physical Geography focuses on the study of the activities that take place on the lithospere, hidrosphere, atmosphere and biosphere of the Earth. It studies the nature, the physical features of the planet, the environment and the natural hazards.

Human or Cultural Geography focuses on the study of human societies, their cultural aspects and how they relate to the spaces and places of the Earth. It studies the effects of human activities  on the planet. It comprises different fields such as Population, Urbanisation, Economic Structures and Activities, Interdependence and Development, Political Organisation, etc.

The main aim of Geography is to combine the findings in both branches, Physical and Human Geography, to understand the interactions between human beings and the planet they live in.

Some sub-branches of Geography: 

  1. Population Geography or Demography

  2. Biogeography

  3. Economic Geography

  4. Political Geography

  5. Urban Geography

  6. Climatology

  7. Meteorology

  8. Geomorphology

  9. Cartography...


Create a definition for each of the sub-branches listed above. 

Look carefully at the photographs that appear at the beginning of the page. identify a photograph that can illustrate each definifition.

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