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La paz mundial

Geography: Definition and Branches

  • What is Geography?

  • Branches of Geography


The Lithosphere/


  • The Crust

  • Tectonic Places

  • Internal Forces of the Earth

  • External Agents that shape Relief

  • Forms of Relief

Planet Earth:

Representation of the Earth

  • Planet EarthShape and Dimensions

  • Geographic coordinates

  • Cartographic projections

Isla tropical

The Hydrosphere

  • The Hidrosphere: definition

  • The Water Cycle

  • Types of Water: Saltwater and Freshwater

  • Bodies of water

  • Distribution of Water on the Earth's surface

Layers of the Earth.jpg

The Earth's Inner and Outer Structure

  • The Layers of the Earth

  • The Spheres of the Earth

Esponjosas nubes blancas

The Atmosphere: Weather

  • The Atmosphere: definition

  • Weather

  • Meteorological Phenomena

Vistas del atardecer

The Atmosphere: Climate


Spain: Physical Geography


1º ESO: Refuerzo y consolidación

Vistas del atardecer

The Atmosphere: Climate

Image by Andrés Gómez

Demography: Population of the World

Image by Olav Ahrens Røtne

2º ESO: Strengthenment and Enlargement

Rana de árbol

The Biosphere: Ecosystems and Biomes

Los graduados

Testing your knowledge: Atmosphere and Weather

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