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The Biosphere

The word Biosphere refers to the all the living organisms: animals, plants, funghi, microbes...on the Earth. 

When these organisms interact with the rest of the spheres they form an ecosystem or biome. The ecosystem or biome is the sum up of the interactions of the biosphere with the lithosphere, the hydrosphere and the atmosphere. 

Hot/Tropical Biomes

Temperate Biomes

Cold and Dry Biomes

Student's Work

You are going to upload your poster about climates and biomes in a Padlet I have created. To upload it you need to take a photograph of your poster. 

Click on the photograph below to go to the Padlet, look for my message with instructions and upload your work. You can give likes to the work of other students if you want. 


Watch this video to review what you have learnt about biomes and ecosystems. 

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