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Ancient Egypt

Some 6.000 years ago, some Neolithic villages became cities as a result of agricultural and commercial prosperity. These civilizations invented writting.  

The first great civilizations developed along large rivers surrounded by fertile land: 

  • Mesopotamia: River Tigris and Euphrates

  • India: Indus River

  • China: Huang He and Yangtze Rivers

  • Egypt: Nile River

The Egyptian civilization developed 5.000 years ago along River Nile. This area is basically a desert surrounded by the Nile River, whcih runs from south to north. 

The Nile provided: 

  • Fertility to the land: prosperous agriculture

  • A way of transportation and communication

  • A geographical and administrative organization: Lower Egypt (north), Upper Egypt (south).

Ancient Egypt: River Nile

River Nile is the longest river in the world, around 7000 km long. It was essential to the development of the Egyptian civilization. 

Ancient Egypt: Political Organization


Egyptian Religion

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